First of my attempts at poetry in the year 1999, when I was in the seventh grade. I weirdly remember the moment I decided to write this. It was when I stood out on the balcony of our apartment in Kuwait, staring at the emptiness of it all. Inside and outside, I had found emptiness. I suppose existential crisis hit me quite early :D.

Oh! Nature, How beautiful were you?
Every tree at its best
With their leaves glowing under the godly shine
Giving all creatures a place to dwell.
Suddenly, I woke up
T’ was all a dream
I went and drew the curtain aside
To see nothing but buildings and streets
All built to perfection
Yet making humanity imperfect
By causing utter destruction 
To those creatures, that meant us no harm
The very creatures, the very plants
Who’d give us anything we want.
I’m shocked, I really am
To see man’s cruelty
Much as to this.
I now know, t’ is true what they say,
That nature never kept quiet up to this day,
For now, man himself pays for his terrible deeds.