A Teenager’s Musings on the ” Bizzare Life”

I have begun my blog by posting these old writings, mostly my diary entries, from the early 2000s because I feel they convey my essence, or rather a story leading up to my present self. Looking back at these words, I have penned many years ago; I now comprehend how much human nature remains constant through people and time.

Photo by Toni ph from pexels

So here goes,

Isn’t it weird that this whole world is set in an intricate web of inferno? To think that we could be in this vast universe and be utterly insignificant, and then yet again think of the maze of life that beholds its mysteries to those who discover it. We all go along in this world so conscious of who we are, I mean daily we just get up to look into the mirror and try to fix up the uneven twists and curves on our faces or fret and grumble about those devilish little pot bellies creeping out slowly out of nowhere.

Then there are the clothes that can never satisfy the appetite of the wearer, or there’s even a bad hair day. After carefully applying a variety of scrupulously studied tactics, the person eventually sets out to tackle the rest of the cruel day with unending embarrassing situations like an uninvited burp, an uncontrolled burst of a snort while laughing- Oops! Where did it that come from? Even worse are the more awkward noises or actions, which I don’t necessarily have to mention.

But do all these really matter? Just think of the millions and billions of people simultaneously pondering over themselves. The funny thing is that while one person is thinking how the other person accompanying him is evaluating him, the other person, more or less, will be doing the same. Thus no one ever really gets the whole picture. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of world would it have been where people were free minded? Even if someone were to irritate you, someone of a higher authority, under normal circumstances you would have put up with it and acted all polite while you were thinking of the 10 best ways to torture the person to death, but what if you thought this way “Every second of my life is precious, he or she could waste hers as much as possible through petty insignificant thoughts and arguments, but why should I waste mine thinking or doing the same?”

Almost everyone in this world is engaged in earning money (I say ‘almost’ because there are still few places left for our so called ‘civilization’ to creep in yet.). Those rectangular pieces of paper and those round coins happen to control three-fourths of our emotions and life (Not that I would personally mind getting my hands on a few of these notes & coins myself). Still, don’t you think that we all are living a really lame life? If I had it my way I could go on writing about it, but I believe that it is left to the people themselves to figure it out..


First of my attempts at poetry in the year 1999, when I was in the seventh grade. I weirdly remember the moment I decided to write this. It was when I stood out on the balcony of our apartment in Kuwait, staring at the emptiness of it all. Inside and outside, I had found emptiness. I suppose existential crisis hit me quite early :D.

Oh! Nature, How beautiful were you?
Every tree at its best
With their leaves glowing under the godly shine
Giving all creatures a place to dwell.
Suddenly, I woke up
T’ was all a dream
I went and drew the curtain aside
To see nothing but buildings and streets
All built to perfection
Yet making humanity imperfect
By causing utter destruction 
To those creatures, that meant us no harm
The very creatures, the very plants
Who’d give us anything we want.
I’m shocked, I really am
To see man’s cruelty
Much as to this.
I now know, t’ is true what they say,
That nature never kept quiet up to this day,
For now, man himself pays for his terrible deeds.