Do I care?

How sincere are we really with the emotions and actions that we present on the surface of our beings? how true is our love, how selfless? my question is, should it fit into that prescribed form?

Do you want me to smile at you?
hold your hand, sit side by side
doe eyed, make eyes at you?
gently sigh, draw designs
sketch the floor, with lies for you?

Do you want me to show concern for you?
paste a frown upon my face
contorted and pained, cry for you?
offer my shoulder, my embrace
the specious sympathy, satisfy you?

Do you want me to praise you?
show surprise and glorify
clap my hands and sing of you?
parade around and fill the sky
with all the rhymes, exhalting you?

Do you think I care for you?
to submit a seat, tolerate your deceit
spare space or second, to spoil you?
or hear the prattle, allow conceit
bear the stupidity, just cuz I know you?
By StoicLines